Meet the Founder


Saína Tchaas Nu is a lawyer, creative strategist, and style architect. Most of her days are spent engaging in a vast array of creative projects. As a lawyer, she specializes in Intellectual Property legal matters facing the Film, Television, Music, Art, Tech, and Fashion industries. Her expertise in the field of IP Law is centered on navigating the complex convergence of the arts and law. With a strong focus on brand development and contract negotiation, she advises a diverse client base, while working to protect the creative rights of musicians, actors, artists, authors, designers, models, startups, and creative individuals within a multifaceted talent pool. Collaborating with both corporate and independent brands, government entities, and nonprofit organizations, she develops projects and provides legal services that address the daily business challenges of the creative community.

Saína’s love for the creative world began at an early age, following her passion for theatre, acting, performance, and dance. Her work ultimately sparked her interest in a creative entrepreneurial path, both as a designer and brand architect. She originally developed the concept for Nuri Nahara during her second year of law school, establishing the brand as a response to the ongoing demand for unique garments that reflect the beauty of diverse cultural origins, while incorporating a modern twist. The line fuses stylistic and design elements from around the world to produce pieces for the socially conscious and style savvy woman. Stylistically, Saína was intricately influenced by her love for garments she encountered during her travels throughout the African, Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American diasporas. She continues to incorporate a medley of  diverse cultural elements into her pieces, including textiles, patterns, and beadwork from India, Ghana, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

Saína seeks to bridge gaps in cultural awareness and understanding, specifically as they relate to our experience of the world around us and our connections to each other. She curates a physical and virtual space catering to a wide range of creative individuals, all seeking to connect, collaborate, and mutually inspire in a collective learning environment. She is committed to fostering spaces where culture, creativity, and consciousness can converge for the benefit of the global community. 

As a frequent collaborator on special projects and events with brand representatives, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, Saína enjoys connecting with creative professionals from around the world. She has offices based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.